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LIVE FEED - European Championships

Today was a busy day for the Team Management and Coaches. Not much to report.

There is a dedicated site for the EITF EUROPEAN TAEKWON-DO CHAMPIONSHIPS 2024,

Link here:

With the above link, you can follow the Championships live. Just click on the Live feed Button. The first rounds of Patterns (Tuls) Will start in the morning after 09:00

More info on Competitors, Categories and other info can be found here

Below is a screen grab of the categories our Team are competing in so you can follow in the live feed.

Good night

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Jemal  09
Jemal 09
17 abr

Me gusta

Wir drücken euch alle Daumen! Hopp Schwiiz!

Me gusta

Ich wünsche euch allen viel Erfolg und Spass während den Wettkämpfen!! Hopp Schwiiz!!🇨🇭

Me gusta
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