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A Fantastic Day of Taekwon-Do: ITF Suisse Friendship Competition 23.Sept. 2023

Hello, dear parents and Taekwon-Do students!

We've just wrapped up an incredible day of competition at the National Taekwon-Do Training Center in Spreitenbach! Held on Saturday, 23rd September, this event was an extraordinary gathering of skill, discipline, friendship, and community spirit.

The Event

Over 40 Taekwon-Do competitors from various cities including Baden, Basel, Klingnau, and of course, Spreitenbach came together to display their mastery in Taekwon-Do. The day was packed with 30 events catering to all age groups and skill levels. From speed kicks and forms designed for our younger members to the more advanced Forms (Tul), Sparring (Matsogi), and Power Breaking (Wirok) for our older members, the competition was vibrant, thrilling, and truly all-inclusive.

A Warm Opening

The event was kicked off with a heartfelt speech by the President of ITF Suisse, Peter Regan 5.Dan. He expressed his gratitude to everyone involved, including the parents, competitors, and volunteers who provided a kiosk offering refreshments and sustenance throughout the day.

A Special Thank You to the Referees and Officials

We owe a special note of gratitude to our 12 referees and officials who worked tirelessly to ensure a fair and safe competition. Their dedication and attention to detail made for a seamless event. Our center referee, Suad Bajramovic 4. Dan, demonstrated a high level of professionalism and firmness, making sure that everyone competed safely. With just a few minor bruises but no injuries, it's safe to say he did an outstanding job!

Time Well Spent

Yes, Taekwon-Do competitions can be long affairs. This is because they have to accommodate participants of various age groups, ranks, and genders. Our competition ran from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., (not including setting up before and cleaning up after) but every moment was filled with excitement, camaraderie, and learning. We believe that time spent in building skills, friendships, and community is time well spent.

The Importance of Community Support

We cannot emphasize enough how critical the support of parents and volunteers is to the success of events like these. From cheering from the sidelines to assisting in various logistical tasks, your presence makes a significant difference. Without you, we could not have pulled off such a wonderful day for the children and our older members.

Feedback and Friendship

The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Parents and competitors alike enjoyed the range of events and the atmosphere of friendly competition. The day was not just about winning or losing; it was a celebration of skill, discipline, and above all, friendship.

Looking Forward

The success of this competition bodes well for future events. It was heartwarming to see the Taekwon-Do community come together in such a spectacular fashion. We're already looking forward to the next competition probably mid to late February and hope to see you all there. Keep an eye on the Agenda / Events on our website Also on the website is all information required for exams, techniques, and requirements, etc. can be found also on the website. Sparring Saftey Equipment and Accessories can be purchased from our online shop, also on the website.

Until then, keep practicing and supporting each other!

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