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General Terms and Conditions for Online Shop Orders  

Welcome to our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for orders placed through []( These terms and conditions guide the processing and fulfillment of your purchases. We offer a range of TKD Training products for sale on these websites.

1. **Contract Formation and Delivery of Goods**
   1.1 Contracts through our websites are concluded exclusively in German and English. Your contracting party for TKD Training products is Tkd-training GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 134, 8957 Spreitenbach, Switzerland.
   1.2 By clicking the "buy now" button, you place a binding order for the items in your shopping cart. We immediately confirm receipt of your order by email. A binding contract is established upon receiving this confirmation. Please note that delivery of the ordered goods will occur upon receipt of full payment and any shipping costs.
   1.3 You agree to the assignment of the seller's claims for payment to third parties, particularly to Wix Payments and PayPal.
   1.4 We are not obligated to deliver the ordered goods if we have ordered them correctly but have not received them in time or correctly. We will refund any payments made if the goods are unavailable.
   1.5 We do not take on the risk of having to procure ordered goods (procurement risk), especially for generic goods. We are obligated to deliver from our stock and the goods we have ordered from our suppliers. Delivery is available within Switzerland and the EU.

2. **Prices, Shipping Costs, and Express Shipping**
   2.1 Prices listed at the time of the order apply. All prices include the applicable VAT.
   2.2 We cover standard shipping costs. Express Delivery options are available for certain orders at additional costs.
   2.3 Additional shipping fees may apply for bulky, heavy, or valuable items, which will be indicated on the product detail and order pages.

3. **Payment Methods**
   3.1 We accept prepayment, credit card, debit card, invoice, and PayPal. We reserve the right to exclude certain payment methods.
   3.2 For credit card purchases, your account will be charged upon order shipment.
   3.3 For invoice purchases, payment is due upon receipt. Late payments incur additional charges.
   3.4 You agree to receive invoices, credits, and reminders in electronic or paper form.

4. **Promotional Vouchers and Redemption**
   4.1 Promotional vouchers are issued during marketing campaigns with a specific validity period.
   4.2 Promotional vouchers are redeemable once per order within the specified period. Some products may be excluded. The voucher's value will not be refunded if part of the order is returned.

5. **Gift Vouchers and Redemption**
   5.1 Gift vouchers can be purchased and redeemed only for TKD Training products, not for additional gift vouchers. If the order exceeds the voucher value, the difference can be paid using available payment methods.

6. **Return Policy for TKD Training Products**
   We offer a voluntary 14-day return policy from the date of receipt for TKD Training products. The return requires the product to be in original condition and packaging.

7. **Refunds**
   Refunds for invoice and prepayment will be transferred to your specified account. For PayPal or credit card payments, refunds will be issued to the associated account.

8. **Customer Care**
   For inquiries, please visit our help pages or contact us directly.

9. **Statutory Warranty and Additional Information**
   9.1 We adhere to statutory warranty regulations. We reserve the right to replace defective items with defect-free ones.
   9.2 You can access these GTC at our websites. You can also download the GTC and order data for your records.
   9.4 In case any provision of these terms is or becomes invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.

10. **Applicable Law and Jurisdiction**
   10.1 All legal transactions or other legal relationships with us are governed by Swiss law, excluding the UN Sales Convention and other international agreements.
   10.2 For consumers, jurisdiction is at their Swiss residence. In business transactions, our business location is the agreed jurisdiction.

**Tkd-training GmbH**

Managing Director: Peter Regan

Registered at the Swiss Commercial Registry Office of the Canton of Aargau, CH, CHE-340.009.150

Effective as of 02.12.2020.

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