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All of our training and courses are based on the TotalHealth principles


TotalHealth Training (THT) is a holistic training to promote Body, mind and safety. The basic idea is to bring these three main elements into harmony - for better health, more well-being and life satisfaction, etc.

With a personalized sports, resilience and nutrition program Our trainers and specialists ensure more energy, vitality and sustainable health. 

THT includes a wide selectionGymnastics exercises, bodyweight training and findings from nutritional science (Body), individual resilience training (Mind) and Taekwon-Do techniques for self-defense (Safety).

Our THT program is based on sound scientific findings from the world of sports, psychology and medicine. The first results are noticeable after just 1-2 months.


Mind is the psychological resilience to deal constructively with stress, everyday stress, challenges and changes.

Fitness: More inner strength, resilience and mobility

Happiness: Higher quality of life and life satisfaction, inner peace, serenity, more energy

Self-esteem: More self-confidence and assertiveness; Use of your own skills and potential

Optimism: Focus on the positive, seeing opportunities instead of risks, gratitude



Body includes physical activity, how much we move, 

but also what and how we eat.

Strength: Strengthening the body, better mobility, coordination and concentration

Technique: Combination of Taekwon-Do, gymnastics exercises and bodyweight training

Endurance:More strength, endurance, faster regeneration ability

Energy: More vitality, performance, better mood and stress reduction



Satefy (Security) is the feeling of security, rather than threat and fear - a basic human need.

Self-defense: Techniques from traditional Taekwon-Do  

Self-confidence: Acting as a victor instead of a victim

Self-discipline: aggression and impulse control; Emotion control, self-control, endurance 

Self-determination: Take personal responsibility, make decisions autonomously, take control of your own life


Safety is a feeling of security instead of threat and fear. It is an important basic need of us humans.


The advantages of our training according to the TotalHealth principle

• Improves heart and lung health

• Strengthens the immune system

• Develops strong muscles, bones and good posture

• Helps children and adults maintain a healthy weight and avoid becoming overweight or obese

• Reduces the risk of high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and type 2 diabetes

• Reduces stress and improves resilience


Added to these benefits are the core values of politeness, integrity, resilience, self-control and an indomitable spirit - overall a powerful combination that increases concentration and therefore success at school, work and other activities.

The TotalHealth principle is also ideal for

• counteract the effects of long periods of sitting and studying

• improve concentration and memory

• learn and master new skills

• Increase self-confidence

• Reduce stress and improve sleep

• Make and maintain friendships.

Family Soccer

Health defined as: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely freedom from illness or infirmity.

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