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From White Belt to Black Belt - A Seminar with Master Knighton

Last weekend was eventful for the Instructors of ITF Suisse Taekwon-Do Federation and Master Knighton. Master Knighton arrived at Basel Airport on Thursday evening after a long journey from Derby to Manchester Airport, followed by an hour-and-a-half flight. Understandably, he was tired after a full day of travel.


On Friday, we discussed which students would be attending the seminar and taking exams, identifying those who might excel and those who might need extra support. The seminar for Blue Belts and higher started on Friday evening, from 18:00 to 20:15, covering patterns and step sparring for 4th and 3rd Kup.


Saturday morning, the seminar continued in the Sports Hall Hasel in Spreitenbach, as the training center was too small for the 82 Taekwon-Do students, from White Belt to 4th Dan, aged 6 to 59, from Basel, Baden, Döttingen, and Spreitenbach. Everyone was eager to learn from Master Knighton's 46 years of experience.


After a well-deserved lunch break, the seminar resumed for 7th Kup and higher, focusing on exercises and drills to improve techniques, strength, mobility, fine-tuning patterns, and step sparring.


Sunday morning's seminar at the National Training Center was for 2nd Kup and above, delving deeper into correct technique execution and offering insights into 1-step sparring along with more drills and exercises.


After lunch and some administrative tasks, the exams began. First up were two students from Basel testing for their 1st Dan Black Belt. Congratulations to Beverly and Fiona for their excellent performance and indomitable spirit. Your dedication is an inspiration to all members.


Next were the Blue Belts, mainly teenagers, providing a chance for younger and lower-rank members to see the progression possible with dedicated training. The exams continued with White, Yellow, Green, and Red belts, showcasing many great performances. Several students were promoted twice due to outstanding performance during the exams or classes. Congratulations to Sienna Kertic, Liam Steiner, Tim Steiner, Moritz Stermann, Luis Villano, and Olaf Koziolek for your excellent exams and for being model students.


From the 67 exams, there is an average score of 65, above average according to Master Knighton's standards. For which the Dojang Leaders and Instructors can be proud.

Scoring Point System

- 61 = Fail

- 62 = Weak Pass

- 63 = Below Average

- 64 = Average

- 65 = Above Average

- 66 = Good Pass

- 67 = Excellent

Download Exam Results

Exam Results 24-26-Mai 2024
Download PDF • 165KB


No event can be successful without good organization and administration. ITF Suisse extends thanks to Miss Melanie Muntwyler, 2nd Dan, for assisting Master Knighton, translating professionally, and handling administration tasks. Thanks to Simona Petriello and Mr. Herve Goethals, 2nd Dan, for helping with finances and marking theory exam papers. Special thanks to Barbara Longo and Maritza Muntwyler for their hard work in the kitchen, providing refreshments for members and guests.

Special Monday Evening Class in Baden

On Monday evening in Baden, Master Knighton conducted a special class on the competition scoring system and methods. Participants had the chance to try being referees and scored patterns performed by a few students. Thank you to everyone who participated, especially those who performed patterns for us to score. It is very challenging and nerve-wracking to stand in front of your peers and your performance to be dissected.


Thank you, Master Knighton, for coming to Switzerland, helping us improve our Taekwon-Do, and allowing us to be examined by an 8th Degree ITF Master.


Yours in Taekwon-Do,

Peter Regan VI Dan

President, ITF Suisse

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