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Newsletter March 2022

In this newsletter

1) Training during Sport Holiday 05. Feb till -20. Feb

2) Our TKD School - Situation

3) Changes to Kids Classes Spreitenbach

4) New Training Times after 20. Feb

5) New Kids Class Baden – After the Summer Holidays

6) Seminar & Exams 19. March

7) Kids Parties 26 March

8) Summer Camps

9) Jazzercise - Ladies fitness

1) Training during Sports Holiday 05. Feb till -20. Feb

  • Spreitenbach – Tigers - There will be no Tigers Classes this week (14th to 18th) except for Saturday 19th Feb

  • Children's Taekwon-Do - as usual

  • Adult Taekwon-Do as usual except for Friday 18th Feb

2) Our TKD School – Situation

  • Unfortunately, it was not possible for Matija to continue to work with me, however, I am very pleased that Matija has found a new full-time Job in Baden and wish him every success. Matija will continue to attend training and work towards achieving his second dan and supporting our School wherever he can.

  • I shall be leading most classes in particular Tigers and Children’s classes.

  • During the Spring holidays, I shall be having hip replacement surgery. After this, I will be able to train and teach properly and work towards my 6th Dan Exam. I look forward to having lots of good training partners to help me achieve this 😊

3) Changes to Kids Classes Spreitenbach

  • I have decided to make some extra classes for older / more advanced children where we can practice more advanced Technique and Sparring training.

  • Beginners and smaller children will also benefit from separate classes.

  • GROUP A – 6 to 9-Year-Olds all ranks – GROUP B 10 years and older or younger children who are green belt and higher.

4) New Training Times after 20. Feb

5) New Kids Class Baden

  • From Monday 8th August 2022, I will be conducting children’s Taekwon-Do classes in Baden. It would be helpful if some children who attend the Spreitenbach classes could attend the Baden classes. Training will be Mondays and Wednesdays 18:00 – 19:20

6) Seminar & Exams Sa. 19. March

  • I will be conducting a Sparring and Self Defence seminar with exams. Attendance is compulsory for Students wishing to exam. Children 7 – 11 will attend only in the morning. I will provide more information shortly.

7) Kids Parties 26 March

  • After all the corona restrictions, it's ttimeme for the kids to have some fun.

  • 10:00 - 12:00 Kinder 4 bis 7

  • 12:30 - 14:30 Kinder 7+for

  • To registers (RSVP)

8) Summer Training Camps

  • This summer I shall be attending Training Camps in the Czech Republic with Master Zamecnik and Grand Master Hwang Ho Yong. All Students over 14 are welcome to attend. I shall be there for 2 camps - Camp 1 22. - 30. July and Camp 2 30. July to 6. August. You can attend one or both Camps.

  • To register (RSVP)

9) Jazzercise

  • From March there will be Jazzercise Ladies Fitness which is a dance-based full-body workout, set to top 40 music that may just change your life. Naturally, I will not be leading these classes. Here For more information on Jazzercise

  • I am looking for more groups to rent the hall such as Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi. If you know of anyone wishing to rent a Studio for very good hourly rates please let me know.

It has been a very difficult time for many of us, especially for children and young people. I hope that we can grow stronger and continue to provide wellness and essential life lessons for our members. I would like to thank you all for your continued support. The best way that you can help our school and improve the quality, is simply to attend classes regularly, be a great training Partner for your fellow members, promote our School to friends and neighbors, and to follow the School on Social Media.

Take care everyone and Train Hard and Often.

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